At University of Göttingen

Introduction to the History of Philosophy

undergraduate lecture (summer 2024)

Kant and Rationalism

undergraduate/graduate course (summer 2024)

Locke: Second Treatise of Government

undergraduate/graduate course (winter 2023/24)

Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy

undergraduate course (winter 2023/24)

At Humboldt University

The Philosophy of John Locke 

graduate course (summer 2023) [syllabus]


undergraduate course (summer 2023) [syllabus]

Causation in Early Modern Philosophy

graduate course (winter 2022/23) [syllabus]

Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy

undergraduate course (winter 2022/23) [syllabus]

From the Pre-Critical to the Critical Kant

graduate course (summer 2022) [syllabus]

The Philosophy of Spinoza

undergraduate course (summer 2022) [syllabus]

Social Contract Theory

graduate course; online (summer 2020) [syllabus]

Women in the History of Philosophy: 17th & 18th Century

undergraduate course; online (summer 2020) [syllabus]

Writing and Argumentation

undergraduate course (winter 2019/20) [syllabus]


graduate course (summer 2019) [syllabus]

David Hume's A Treatise of Human Nature

undergraduate course (summer 2019) [syllabus]

Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy

undergraduate course (winter 2018/19) [syllabus]

Kant and Hume on Causation

graduate course (winter 2018/19) [syllabus]

Introduction to Epistemology

undergraduate course (summer 2018) [syllabus]

Early Modern Theories of Modality

graduate course (summer 2018) [syllabus]


graduate course (winter 2017/18) [syllabus]

Personal Identity

undergraduate course (winter 2017/18) [syllabus] 

Proofs for the Existence of God

undergraduate course (summer 2017)

Introduction to Metaphysics

undergraduate course (summer 2017)

Theories of Modality

undergraduate course (winter 2016/17)

British Empiricism: Locke, Berkeley, Hume

graduate course (winter 2016/17)

Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy

undergraduate course (summer 2015)

The Philosophy of Leibniz

graduate course; co-taught w/ Stephan Schmid (summer 2014)

At Rice University

PHIL 302/502: Early Modern Theories of Causation

undergraduate/graduate course (spring 2016) [syllabus]

PHIL 202: History of Philosophy II (Early Modern Philosophy)

undergraduate course (spring 2016) [syllabus]

PHIL 116: Introduction to the Philosophy of Law

undergraduate course (fall 2015)

PHIL 105: Historical Introduction to Philosophy

undergraduate course (fall 2015)